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Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction - Eindhoven

What they are looking for

Manager: ‘’Are you passionate for developing new techniques at our digital playground, building industrial robot arms and, if you like, being taken offshore by helicopter once in awhile? Then we’re looking for you!’’

Who they are

In one of the biggest organisations in the world when it comes to offshore installations where up to 2.500 people work worldwide. The robotic arms, measuring equipment, motor controllers and other industrial equipment that are used at the offshore installations is designed by their own research and development department where you come to work. The experience the organisation has gained during the years makes it possible to develop new techniques and applications when needed, instead of restricting themselves to the available techniques. Working with this method the organisation allows their employees to make mistakes and learn from it, so the best techniques can be used offshore.

The role of Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction - Eindhoven

While working as a Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction you will be part of the Research and Development department which can be seen as a digital playground where failure is an option as long as you learn from it. Being part of this innovative department means you will be working experimental while making one product from several loose components using industrial hardware. The most challenging part of your role? You will be working on new projects and products every time. As an Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction working as effectively as possible is very important. This is the reason a lot of developments are done using the Agile/Scrum method. As an Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction it can happen that you’re needed offshore to be able to adjust techniques on location, but only if you are ok with it. Transport by helicopter included. How does that sound?

Who you are

While applying as a Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction the following requirements will increase your chances:

  • C# 6.0/7.0 and the .NET framework;
  • C or C++;
  • Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS);
  • Rapid/Proof-of-concept prototyping;
  • Mocking or Stubbing;
  • Version control (Git, Mercurial);
  • Hardware debugging;
  • Asynchronous API’s;
  • CAN protocol (or similar);
  • Robotics or automation.

Your reward

As a Software Engineer - Hardware Interaction you can expect the following:

  • A competitive salary.

I want this job!

Please apply by using the Solliciteer/Apply button below. Do you have any questions or do you need some more information about this role? Don’t hesitate to contact Geronimo Vergilio by calling +31 6 40104717 or send an e-mail to








Geronimo Virgilio
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